Organized by

The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan

Co-organized by

Global COE program
"Center for Education and Research of Symbiotic, Safe and Secure System Design"
Keio University

Ecomaterials Forum

Supported by

Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition'70

Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan(JLCA)

Presentation guidelines

Guide to Presenters

Oral Presentation

  1. Allotted time for oral presentation is 20 mins including Q&A basically.
    *Please be advised to refer to the program uploaded onto the Conference web site.
  2. PC Projector is available.
    *When using a Mac be sure you have your appropriate adapter for connecting to a VGA cable for the projector.
  3. Presenters are requested to bring and use own PC for presentations.

Poster Presentation

Poster layout and core time:poster_sessions.pdf

1. Poster Session will be held on Nov. 22.

Presenters are requested to follow the schedule below.

13:30 -15:00 Poster setting
15:10-16:10 Poster session 1
16:30-17:30 Poster session 2
17:30-18:00 Poster detachment
(Posters should be removed by 18:15 otherwise they are disposed)

*Poster session is held at Event Hall.
*Presentation numbers are displayed in the final program on the Conference website.

2. The size of panel (Height 210cm Width 90cm). Up to A0 poster size can be applied.

Program No. is displayed in the upper left corner of the panel.

<Panel 1>

3. All text and illustrative phrases must be in English.

4. Press pins will be available for fixing posters.