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Full paper submission and poster award

Full paper submission

The online full paper submisison has been closed.

Online registration

All the presenters are requested to register online. Both full paper submission and online registration are required for conference presentation. Please note that your presentation might be cancelled if your full paper submission and online registration are not completed by 25th August, 2010 (JST).

Click here for the details of online registration.


The EcoBalance Poster Award

The EcoBalance Poster Award will be offered to the outstanding posters. The Award will be decided through preliminary and secondary selections.

In the preliminary selection, the proceedings submitted by the 25th August, 2010 deadline (JST, UTC+9) are peer-reviewed to select nominees for the secondary selection. The double blind peer review process is adopted for the preliminary selection.

In the secondary selection, the scientific jury will indicate the winning posters among the nominees during the poster sessions at the conference. The nominees will be announced to the jury only on the day of the conference. The choice of the jury will depend on scientific excellence of the poster.

The winners will be announced at the EcoBalance 2010 closing session on Friday, 12th November, 2010.